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These stands not only maximize desk space but also help reduce strain on your neck, eyes and back.

It's a great choice for offices, home workstations, and creative setups.

Wall mounts for televisions

The equip® TV Wall Mount Bracket is a compact yet sturdy product that ensures reliable installation of your LCD/Plasma TV.

The wall mount fits most wall materials: brick, concrete and wood, making it the ideal choice for installing your displays.

Monitor wall mounts

This stand is particularly beneficial for freeing up and creating a clean and organized workspace.

Compatible with a variety of monitor sizes and with integrated cable management system. The 17"-32" Single Monitor Wall Mount offers a practical, adjustable solution to enhance your monitor experience while enhancing the aesthetics of your workspace.

TV ceiling mounts

Equip's industrial quality is perfectly suited for signage applications.

Tilt adjustment allows installation even on sloping ceilings, with precise and uniform tilting of the screen(s) to provide ideal viewing conditions.

Projector supports

The equip® Universal Projector Ceiling/Wall Mount Bracket is a compact yet sturdy product that ensures reliable installation of your projector.

Professional Range

The equip® Single Screen TV Cart with a sleek, technical and functional design provides a solid display solution for most LCD and LED flat screen TVs.

Vertical flat screen TV mounts with height and tilt adjustment, allowing easy angle adjustment and reducing glare from lights or windows for optimal viewing comfort.

Ideal for conferences, public exhibitions or other professional presentations.

Did you know that standing periodically throughout the day can help relieve tension in the neck, back and shoulders, as well as increase blood flow and reduce stress?

This sturdy frame features a dual-motor lift system for smooth height transitions, telescoping height adjustment for ideal ergonomic viewing, touch control for customizable settings and convenience, and solid support for desktop surfaces weighing up to 275 pounds (125kg)

Motorized structure to personalize your desk

Create your own desk space that allows you to stand up during the long work day with a power adjustable height frame.

  • Thermally and overload protected

  • High power with low noise

  • Integrated cable management

Personalize your table, the structure adapts to a variety of desk shapes and sizes.

*Desk table is NOT included.

Suggested size: L x W (1100~2200) x (700~1000)mm
Desk table thickness suggestion 18mm.



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